ELEKTRIK DENIM (aka my creative child) was created on my bedroom floor... no but really. I have been collecting patches from all over the world over the past few years and was always unsure on what to do with them. One day, I painted a random jacket I found at a thrift store and posted it on my Instagram. It blew up. I kept telling people that jacket would be for "sale" soon..but HELL NO. I wanted to keep it! Later on, a friend asked me to paint her jacket as a b-day gift from me to her. To be honest, I said yes, but ummm I don't know what I am doing? It is funny how things work out when you have no strings attached and just trust yourself. After her jacket, I started to get more requests - all because I was posting the process on my Instagram story... and here we are now. Aside from being a tour photographer/videographer, painting and creating are my true passions. I want whoever wearing these jackets to feel empowered to do whatever the hell they want to. Who cares what people say and fuck the people who have ever doubted your ability to build your empire. Welcome to mine, ELEKTRIK DENIM.